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Empowering people with disabilities to increase their independence through choice and opportunity. 

Home Care Services


Who Is Gateway Home Health Care?


Gateway is a home healthcare agency that works with Missouri’s Consumer Directed Services (CDS) program. CDS is a Medicaid-funded program that enables you to hire the caregiver of your choice to help with daily activities. This personal care attendant (PCA) can be a friend, neighbor or family member (other than spouse). Most importantly, it will be someone you trust, who truly loves you and will give you quality, reliable care. Your caregiver can help you clean, cook, bathe, dress, run errands and take you to appointments. Gateway pays the highest wages for Consumer Directed Services in Missouri. When you sign up through Gateway, caregivers will earn $13 per hour.




Gateway of Missouri was established in 2015 and has extensive experience with Consumer Directed Services. Hundreds of consumers and caregivers across Missouri utilize Gateway as their CDS provider. 

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